Home Renovations and Additions

One of the best remedies for a boring, plain interior is to plan a renovation for your home. Home renovations can be composed of simple projects like replacing lighting fixtures and appliances, or they can be more involved such as installing new cabinets and flooring or even gutting a part of the home and tearing down a wall. Frank’s Home Remodeling Corp. has a team of experts who are prepared to tackle your renovation project head-on, no matter how difficult or small. Home renovations are a great option to improve the aesthetics of your home and also create a great return on investment if you ever put your house on the market.


Another option for renovating is adding on to your home. If your existing space isn’t working for you, or simply isn’t enough, consider adding a new room or wing to your house with the help of Frank’s Home Remodeling. We can create a larger living space, give you a sunroom or screened in porch and even install a new owner’s suite. Needing more square footage doesn’t mean you have to sell your house; an addition can be a cost-effective way to obtain more space without the hassle of moving from your favorite address.

Areas that many homeowners choose to renovate include:

New flooring

Interior paint job

Counter tops


 Appliance installation

Lighting fixtures

Water fixtures

Added bonus room

Tuscany - countertop commode and refrigerator in kitchen

Whether you’d like an open floorplan, new cabinets or a study for your new home-based business, Frank’s Home Remodeling can solve your space with an affordable, quality, solution. You can have your dream home with just a few adjustments and upgrades. Let us do the work so you won’t worry about the hassle.

Don’t delay! If you’re interested in changing an area of your home or adding to your existing space, call us for a FREE ESTIMATE at 914-469-3804.

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