Just like good carpentry, good stonework can turn your home from bland to exciting in just one project. We have the experience and knowledge in many areas of home construction and renovation that’s required to create an extraordinary outdoor space. Before you decide on your masonry project, you may want to ask yourself a few questions: How would I like my outdoor space to feel? Could my yard benefit from walkways? How would stone look within the landscape? Do I want masonry to be a focal point or conservative accent on the property? If you’re unsure, we have plenty of examples and ideas to help you craft the perfect design.


Your yard is an extension of your home, and with a well-constructed stone wall, walkway or patio, guests will enjoy every minute in your outdoor space. To create an atmosphere that’s inviting and attractive, stonework can create an organic yet polished feel that brings the indoors and outdoors together and makes your yard looks more appealing and mature. 

Take your home to the next level with one or more of the following masonry staples:






Backyard garden landscaping with paver bricks patio hardscape trees potted plants shrubs pond rocks and decor

One phone call to our offices in Mahopac Falls, NY will connect you with a trusted team of professionals that homeowners choose repeatedly to provide quality, affordable service for their outdoor projects. If stone is an element missing from your home, or that currently needs a bit of assistance to work seamlessly with your design, contact Frank’s Home Remodeling to create a patio for grilling and lounging or a pleasant walkway to your prized garden. Functionality and beauty always meet with our quality service and construction.

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