Nothing transforms a room like a fresh paint job, but painting isn’t always an easy DIY project. If you’re thinking of repainting a room in your house or recently bought a home that could use a fresh coat throughout the house, it’s in your best interest to hire a professional. But how do you know who to choose? Look for someone with experience, high quality, excellent customer service, and a knack for delivering fast and exceeding expectations. You’ll find all of those things at Frank’s.


Our in-house team works with everyone from homeowners to businesses to paint both interior and exterior buildings and residential dwellings. We can provide simple jobs for a bedroom or main foyer/living space or complete large projects like the interior of an office building, large home or exterior residence. New or old, if you’d like to upgrade and change the look of your home with a new color we’ll not only finish the job we can help you plan and pick out colors and paint schemes along the way.

You can even pair up your paint job with custom carpentry work and install freshly painted finish work like moulding and trimming that’s painted to accentuate the new color on your walls. The possibilities are endless with a painting project from Frank’s Home Remodeling!

We paint:




and more

Kitchens & bathrooms

Exterior Homes

Exterior Buildings

Living spaces

Front porch with chairs and columns of craftsman style home.

Bring us your ideas or ask the experts for advice and you’ll see just how transformative a new paint job can be! Don’t stress out of paint colors, rollers and blue tape: let us do the work so you don’t have to. We’re one company with many specialities, and the pleasure is ours to deliver on our promise of quality, affordable home renovations, painting and construction.


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